Clean and backup your /home folder from old configuration files created by now uninstalled software.

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Mundus Home Folder Cleaner

Mundus is a small utility that can help you keep your /home folder clean. It keeps an internal database of known applications and folders, and automagically detects those apps that where uninstalled but left configuration files. Each supported application is also called a module, and each folder it describes is called a submodule.



There are two options to make backups before cleaning a directory.


This feature is useful if you want to keep track of the freed space, the amount of files deleted, or any other data you are interested in. They are stored as JSON files and are easy viewable if you go to View --> Reports


Please refer to the Installation instructions and follow the steps for your current Linux distribution.

Software Requirements

Mundus requires the Gambas3 runtime, and the following components: